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Crozet Virginia Proposal Photographer | King Family Vineyards | Ali + Bryan

I don’t know what it is about this year but I have shot so many proposals!! It’s the BEST! Most of the time, I am the only person to witness a couple’s proposal! If family and friends are there, they’re usually hiding and don’t get to see it unfold. It makes me feel so special but obviously there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that! I have one chance to capture that moment. Just like a wedding day, we don’t get a re-do! Haha! I love the nervous excitement, though. I usually wake up on proposal days more nervous than the guy probably is! Ha!

Bryan contacted me fairly last minute when he found out Ali wanted the moment captured on film so I’m really glad it worked out that I was free. Ironically, I was meeting one of my October couples at King Family that morning to walk through the venue so I was able to stay and shoot the proposal that afternoon! I met Bryan for the first time at the tasting room bathroom (so much sneakiness involved in the planning!!) before he popped the question to run through where I would be and where he needed to stand. The vineyard was excessively crowded because it was Easter weekend so I had to be creative with which direction I shot. I got into place behind a wooden pole about thirty minutes before the proposal and was crouched down with a camera in hand, looking through a crack in the vine to make sure I didn’t miss it. The people at the picnic table beside me probably thought I was the creepiest, weirdest person ever. I didn’t want to explain to them what I was doing because I didn’t want to bring attention to it but eventually their dogs started roaming around and were in my way so I quietly called them over and let them in on my secret. They were so happy to get out of the way and were thrilled to know what was about to happen.

Bryan finally got down on his knee and as Ali completely freaked out, every single person out on the lawn started cheering! I ran over to congratulate the two of them and meet Ali for the first time. She was SO excited that she said she thought she blacked out and felt like she was going to throw up! Haha!! The two of them could not stop smiling and after they caught their breath, we started portraits with them and their sweet pup, Remy!

I absolutely LOVE how these photos turned out and I am so thrilled about the ones towards the end because it has been a dream of mine to shoot in these trees for FOUR years but every year, they either prune them too far or I miss the blooms! I was so ecstatic Ali and Bryan were down to ride over there because it ended up being one of the most magical things I’ve ever experienced! It was the perfect end to a perfect proposal! Ali and Bryan, you two are something special! Thanks for letting me come photograph the biggest day of your lives!! <3


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