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About | Photographer | Charlottesville


My name’s Meredith and I currently live in Charlottesville Virginia but shoot weddings and proposals worldwide for the elegant, classy, and original bride who loves a beautiful location and has an adventurous spirit.

I love traveling and feel like I should have been born in Hawaii. Ever since I first visited in 2015, I have had a dream to one day move there! I have a coffee addiction like you’ve never seen but I’m that person who doesn’t like making it at home (so long money…). My favorite morning ritual is getting outside and going into town to grab an iced latte — yes, even in the winter. I adore longhaired dachshunds and can guarantee if I see one, I will squeal and try to befriend the owner. We’ve had dachshunds my entire life and I am 100% loyal to that breed, although I never turn down an opportunity to love on a puppy. My favorite food is dessert and sometimes I eat cookies for breakfast. Shh… don’t tell my mom. I’m an INFJ which apparently is one of the rarest personality types, making up less than 1% of the population. I find people super intriguing and if I wasn’t doing photography, I’d probably want to be a counselor. And lastly, I love to listen and one of my favorite things is hearing someone’s story and helping them to see purpose in it. I believe everyone was created for a reason and I love to remind people of that.

I grew up in small-town Waynesboro, about thirty minutes from where I currently live. Outside of my recent move to Charlottesville, I lived in Waynesboro my whole life. I think our only claim to fame is that part of Evan Almighty was filmed downtown. I grew up with a creative personality and have always been a bit of an old soul — maybe I can contribute that to the fact that I had to mature quickly in a family with two crazy older brothers. I appreciate deep conversation, I love journaling, and at a young age, I learned that life is too short not to love people well. I found my love for capturing people not too long after one of my best friends passed away my first year of high school. I got my camera shortly after and looked through my lens hoping to see beauty in a time that felt anything but beautiful. I think because of that loss, I value capturing moments and stopping time with my camera more than I otherwise would have. When I get a couple in front of my lens, my goal becomes to give you permission to confidently be yourself and love the person in the frame with you. I desire to capture love in a way that allows you to look back on your photos in the years to come and relive that euphoric season of early engagement or marriage. You deserve to have your story told by someone who wants to tell it and that's what I want to do.