Kat and Drew first met in high school, but it wasn’t until Drew just happened to decide to sit behind her in AP history that they started talking in earnest. Kat had always thought that the guy with the long curly brown hair was witty, smart, and made her smile, and Drew had always had […]

It’s so crazy that I’m booking for 2020 and finally starting to meet my couples for next year. Audrey and Ben are the first 2020 couple that I’ve met and their engagement shoot did not let me down! It was the perfect one to start off my next year of weddings! We scheduled and rescheduled […]

I first met Caitlin because she was in the community group I joined when I moved to Charlottesville. It wasn’t too long after I joined that our group became too large and we multiplied into two groups. We both ended up in separate groups but I will never forget how kind and welcoming Caitlin was! […]

John and Elizabeth first met in high school while running cross country back in 2009. Elizabeth decided that she could not go to prom with just anyone. She chose John (the boy with the slick 1995 Toyota Avalon that all the girls loved) and never looked back. Their first date was at the fine establishment […]

I don’t know how but I am one lucky photographer because I end up working with the nicest people in the entire world. I had only talked to Jennifer on the phone before their Washington D.C. engagement session so while I knew she sounded extraordinarily nice, I wasn’t sure what these two would be like […]






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