Don’t let the post title scare you off — stay with me here! For those of you who are photographers, this is for you. You’ve probably heard of kelvin, right? It’s the control that adjusts the temperature¬†of your photos IN CAMERA. I’ll be honest with you — I shot on auto white balance for four […]

I made a promise to myself to start immersing myself into business books this year rather than paying for workshops and webinars because I want to be careful with my money and learn techniques outside of the wedding industry. Everyone in the wedding industry tends to do the same things when it comes to marketing¬†and […]

Instagram… It can be a photographer’s best friend or their worst nightmare. Personally, Instagram has always been my favorite for obvious reasons — it lends itself towards a photographer. It’s the social media I check the most and the one that inspires me. I have met SO many amazing people through the app and I am […]

I think a photographer’s worst nightmare is getting sick on a wedding day. But I don’t mean sneezing and coughing type of sick — I mean not being able to get out of bed and throwing up type of sick. You never think it’s going to happen to you but unfortunately there’s always a first time for […]

I’ve been offering albums for my couples for the past year and it has been the best decision I’ve made. Because I’m more of a shoot & share photographer than a products-selling photographer, I tend to forget how important it is for my clients to have tangible goods. It genuinely makes me sad when I […]






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