People keep asking me to share my love story with Sam on the blog and while I love being vulnerable in person, sometimes it’s hard on the internet. I used to be more open and as the years go on and I gain a little more of a following, I have tended towards sharing less. […]

Well hello, everyone! I accidentally took a three month break from my blog and with every passing day, I get a little further behind with sharing. I actually got engaged back in September for those of you who didn’t know and we ended up doing a super small wedding November 5th! I can’t wait to […]

I don’t know what it is about Pharsalia but every time I do a shoot here, the images end up being some of my favorites. It’s obviously an incredible property so that helps, no doubt, but even the light seems to stream in at the perfect spots everywhere. I met up with Heather and Wes […]

Every now and then I love to have my couples share their story rather than me. They know it best after all. So today’s blog post is really special because I get to share the ENTIRE story of Hayden and Jennifer’s love from start to finish from their perspective! I hope you enjoy! Washington Mardi […]

Any time I get to shoot at a new location, I’m a happy photographer, especially when that location is Stone Tower Winery. I have been hearing about this gorgeous vineyard in Leesburg from my friends for a couple years now but sadly I hadn’t had the opportunity to go or shoot there until Paige and […]






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