Elopements are my new favorite thing — it’s basically a glorified engagement session or a wedding without any stress and way less planning. Haha!! Elopements have been something I’ve wanted to do more of for a long time but just haven’t had the chance to. I did a couple last year and it opened my […]

It’s so crazy that’s it’s 2017. Those numbers don’t even seem right. It feels like it was just 2012 and I was dreaming of becoming a photographer. I had NO idea when I first decided to try this whole “owning my own business” thing how much work and time would go into it and thank goodness […]

I took on a couple elopements this fall and it has been one of the highlights of my entire year. This elopement took place on a weekday, which is the only reason it was possible during my crazy fall season but I’m SO thankful it worked out. I had never met Cammy until this day but as […]

Back when I redid my website, I decided I wanted to make a point that I would gladly photograph elopements. I never thought they’d be something I’d want to shoot more of but the relaxed environment and idea of focusing on the ceremony and portraits sounded SO appealing to me. So I added it and sure enough, […]






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