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Disney World | Mere On the Move

The last time I was in Disney World was when I was five. I don’t remember much besides being in a dolphin-shaped stroller, getting a whale-shaped necklace with water inside (I really liked marine animals), riding the monorail, and being really afraid of the characters. I was a very shy, terrified child so although my older brothers had a great time, I probably was a little young. Also, it was the middle of summer, 100 degrees, and my memory was basically nonexistent. Haha.

When my best friend Megan and I were in Charleston in November, she got an email from her fiance’s dad saying he had reserved a timeshare in Orlando for January and to let him know if she’d be there. Because it’s off-season for us wedding photographers, she was free and marked off the days. As the time started getting closer, she kept joking about me coming to Florida and although I really wanted to go and knew it would be fun, I also knew it was her fiance’s family vacation and it probably wouldn’t happen. Well, about a week before the trip, Megan texts me a map of Disney and then calls me on FaceTime saying she has good news. She invited me to go and obviously I couldn’t turn it down, especially since we were going to be getting a 4-day park hopper for the military discount. I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this again. So I said yes!

I had never been on a theme-park ride or roller coaster before this trip so I was a little nervous but I was pretty sure I’d love it. The first day we went to Hollywood Studios so Megan and Justin decided it would be a good idea to take me on Tower of Terror FIRST. I honestly wasn’t that scared but afterwards, when it took me about an hour to decide if I liked it, I came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t do it again. Haha! I’ve always wanted to skydive but after that ride, I’m not so sure….

They were worried I wouldn’t like roller coasters because of that but I ended up loving them and my favorites were Space Mountain, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, and Everest! SO FUN! Just writing about this makes me want to go back. Experiencing Disney as an adult is different than as a child but it’s still equally as fun, just in a different way.

I didn’t end up taking my camera to the park because I really just wanted to enjoy the trip without having to worry about anything so I don’t have any SLR shots but I do have a few iPhone photos!! Here’s a little look into our trip.

VSCO Cam-1VSCO Cam-8

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