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Snow Day

I was in Florida when the recent blizzard hit Virginia so I missed it all. I didn’t get to experience the first snow of 2015 while living in Charlottesville. 🙁 But we got a small storm not long after I got back and it was just as magical as I expected. There’s something special about snow. The town goes silent and everything is illuminated by this white blanket that covers the ground. I’m always taken back to the days where I built igloos with my friends, made snow cream, and sledded until the sun went down in our neighborhood’s “pit.” Those were the good ol’ days.

As the years go on, I dread the winter more and more but I still look forward to the snow. I’m glad I don’t live in a place where it’s eternally winter but I do really love waking up, pulling my blinds, and being welcomed to a snow day — coffee, blankets, and a whole lot of Netflix binging isn’t something I could ever complain about. Normally I would continue to work because my office is in my house but because I have roommates, it was a great excuse to hang out with them. Because they were off from work (YAY!), we spent the day catching up and watching How to Make a Murderer. We’re almost done, y’all! One more episode! I’ve been waiting to read all the articles going around but I don’t want to spoil the ending for myself. I’m so curious to have more info on what actually happened. I honestly still don’t even know what I think but I can’t wait to do my own research! Who’s seen it? Comment below if you’re watching it!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good snow day and that your week has been great! I am off to edit the bridal guide I’m making and finish up a few wedding albums! Happy weekending!


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